Starting in 1993 with two engineers, within 10 years the engineering company IVIK has become the leader of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning market in Ukraine with a staff of more than 500 people.

For almost 30 years of work, IVIK has implemented more than 15,000 projects.

They varied in size, from small private houses to an airport and an indoor stadium.

They vary in complexity, from maintaining a comfortable temperature in an apartment, to creating clean rooms in the operating blocks of hospitals and in diamond production with high accuracy of maintaining climatic parameters.

Most of our projects were implemented in Ukraine and we had large-scale plans for 2022, but on February 24, the world changed and we are changing with it. Currently, we have focused our activities on heat pumps, where we have unique experience, as Ukraine has already had gas wars with an aggressor, in which conditions Ukrainians had to quickly find an alternative to "cheap" Russian gas. We are now continuing our movement towards energy independence for citizens of Ukraine, as well as citizens of Europe and Great Britain! Join us in this cause!

Keep calm and carry on


In the service industry, where people work for people, the most important thing is not what you do, but what you feel while doing it. For more than 25 years we have been working with the Mitsubishi Corporation, now we know the secret of the success of Japanese companies - ikigai. Literally, it can be translated as "something worth living for." Our ikigai is the feeling that your work changes life for the better, both for an individual and for humanity as a whole.

Our uniqueness among other engineering companies in our diversity, even more:

We construct

We produce

We design

We mount

We debugging

We serve

We repair

We modernizing

We teach